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Artist: Kayla Newnam


Where can you find her art?  The Ice Cream Angel wings and sprinkles down the second staircase are all her masterpiece. Kayla also created and designed the Phoenix Sundaes room and the Milkshake wall in the Shake it Up room.


What style of art is it?  Ice Cream art of course 😉


What makes the pieces she created for AOICE unique?  After getting her bachelors of fine arts in painting from Pratt Institute of Art & Design in Brooklyn, Kayla returned to the valley and has worked with the Canal Convergence and other local Scottsdale art committees.


Kayla is currently bringing joy to the denizens of Phoenix metro by designing murals throughout the valley.

Artist: Katie Von Kral


Where can you find her art?  The coloring wall in the interactive hallway.


What is her style of art?  She is most recognized for doing large originals in her own mixed-media/collage style that can generally only be seen at public and private exhibitions and auctions. In addition, she makes her past, present, and future pieces available as affordable, limited edition prints in all sizes and printed on different mediums. Each piece is unique and original in its own right because I personally embellish, sign, and number each print that is ordered from her website.


What makes the piece she created for AOICE unique? Katie created her coloring book wall by taking inspirations from Old Fashioned Ice Cream Parlors and meshed that idea with a beach theme to play off of the Neapolitan Beach idea.


Artist: Dawn Bowman


Where can you find her art? The Ice Cream clouds in the Neapolitan Beach Room & the checkered floor in the milkshake room.


What is her style of art? Dawn focuses on Studio Art, Painting and Illustration. She began her career in Theatrical Set Design and Event Design & Construction.


What makes the piece she created for AOICE unique? The mural in the Neapolitan Beach room was created using her faux painting mastery and creative genius.  Using a combination of spray and brush techniques she was able to create the clouds and floating cones.

Artist: Justin Pierce or J.Pierce


Where can you find his art?  “selfie” wall when you first walk in, DJ Dreamsicle booth, graffiti popsicle wall in popsicle room, cutout sprinkle lips in the hallway


What is his style of art?

As an American contemporary modern artist − J.Pierce stands for everything outside the box. He has found a passion in fine arts, product design and custom urban murals to touch people and their emotions. His use of colors and patterns makes his work unique and attractive to both− the young and the young at heart.

J.Pierce is inspired by legendary artists; Warhol, Seuss, Haring and Picasso. He’s always discovering new insights and artistic visions from art galleries, books, and pop culture in general.


J.Pierce is inspired to give his paintings life. His unique artwork is both happy and intense with bold, bright colors. He is constantly exploring new techniques, form and materials in creating something pleasing to the eye.


What makes the pieces he created for AOICE unique?

-The wall in the popsicle room is the first time he has used graffiti as a medium in a mural.


-His sprinkle lips are one of a kind pieces translated from work that he’s done on canvas. After painting the lips, he applied real sprinkles as a finish to give the pieces depth and play value.